For Patients

How do I sign up?

While at the hospital or clinic for your examination, you should have received a document from a Customer Service Officer (CSO) that contains your Medical Record Number (MRN) together with registration instructions. Follow the URL or scan the QR code to enter the registration page. Provide a valid email address that you would like to register your account under. A verification email containing a temporary password will be provided that will allow you to proceed and complete your registration. You will be requested to type in and confirm a password of your choice. Upon successful registration, you will be able to log into your account using your MRN and password to access your studies.

When will my images and reports be available for viewing?

Your images and reports will be available 7 days after the exam date.

How long will my images and reports be available online?

Your images and reports will be accessible on the image portal for one year.

How can I view my old images and reports on the image portal?

Only current images and reports are available on the image portal at this time.

Can I share my studies with a physician?

Yes, you can. The studies list page provides a share button that you can use to share single or multiple studies. You will be asked to enter the email address of the intended recipient (doctor) and the period you wish to share (e.g. 10 days). The doctor will get an email that will give him access for the specified time duration. If the share has expired, the doctor can re-submit an access request to you via email.

How do I consult a Radiologist?

Your radiology results are being read by our Radiologist together with your referring physician. Therefore kindly consult your doctor who would be more familiar with your medical condition and able to recommend a follow up treatment if required.

How do I reset my password?

The registered patient login page offers a link "I forgot my password". In the page that opens you will have to provide your registered email address and an email will be sent with a web link to a page that allows you to set a new password.

Why are my studies greyed out?

Studies older than 1 year are no longer available for viewing and will be greyed out. You may choose to extend the viewing option for a fee when the 1 year is up.

How can I download my studies?

Studies are only downloadable on a PC interface and not via the mobile viewer. The studies view provides a download button that you can use to download your selected study(ies). Studies can be downloaded as standard JPEG files. Select the studies that you need to download and click on the "Download" button. You will receive an email with the download link to save the images to your computer.

How many times can I download my studies?

You may download up to 3GB per study per year. An email notification will be sent to your registered email address once there is 500MB left on your download limit. You may increase the download data for a fee when the limit has been reached.

How do I use the portal?

You may refer to our User Manual for more details.

How do I see the colour overlay on studies?

Please use a Flash enabled browser when viewing studies with colour on your desktop.

For Doctors

Can I use the DICOM viewer provided on the cloud portal to assess a study of my patient?

Yes, you can. The portal provides an FDA approved DICOM viewer to view the studies. The PC interface of the portal is equipped with all the necessary tools required to analyse the images. Please refer to the User Manual provided for more information on the tools and features. The mobile interface is optimized for viewing and only provides basic image navigation tools.

How can I sign up on the portal?

You may visit any Radiology to sign up.

I have completed the Image Portal Registration Form and handed it back to the department staff. So what’s next?

An email containing a temporary password will be sent to the email address that you have provided within 7 working days. Upon receipt of the email, please visit the URL and key in your MCR number along with your temporary password. Your account is activated once you have changed your password successfully.

I am a doctor but not accredited with Parkway. Can I still sign up on the portal?

Unfortunately, access to the doctor’s section of the image portal is only for Parkway accredited doctors. If you are not accredited with Parkway, you may only view the studies if a patient has shared those with you. (refer Sharing a Study)